Discography: Charts

Single Chart Information.
If you are looking for information on singles released in any of the United States, Canada, UK, Japan, or Australia, then this is the page for you. With stats going as far back as 1982 with the release of "Everybody", all the way to the most current hit -- this is as comprehensive as single stats can get.

Album Sales and Peaks.
Madonna's worldwide sales tally is hovering around 130-140 million. Here you can see how each of Madonna's studio, and compilation releases have fared on the charts in the United States, and UK, as well as sales information from around the globe.

Madonna's #1 Dance Hits.
Madonna has had an unprecedented run on the Hot Dance/Club Play chart in the USA. Here is a full listing of Madonna's #1 dance hits!

Single Sales Worldwide.
Madonna has an amazing single sales record around the world. See here a breakdown of Madonna's single sales -- impressive!

Billboard Year-End Charts.
Towards the end of every year Billboard Magazine publishes a special issue which highlights the best of the best of each year. This chart area showcases how Madonna has done on the Billboard Year-End Chart since her beginnings in 1983.


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