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The Once & Future Madonna
  Marriage is hard. No one can prepare you maybe they can, but I didn t grow up with a mother, you know, someone to give me her insight about what married life was going to be. [June 2005 Edition]


Madonna: The Last American Hero
  She ditches TV, makes a sit-com appearance, and explains both female rage and her love of costumes. [Mon. May 05.2003]


Now : Madonna on Madonna
  I saved up enough money for a oneway ticket and flew to New York. It was my first plane trip. When I got off the plane, I got in a taxi and told the driver to take me to the middle of everything. [May 1985 Edition]


Madonna Rocks the Land
  Now then, parents, the important thing is to stay calm. You've seen Madonna wiggling on MTV right, she's the poptart singer with the trashy outfits and the hithere belly button. [May 1985 Edition]


Madonna The Virgin Pop
  Her father named her. But that was her mother's name as well. Madonna. [1983]


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